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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

Some years ago, my sister-in-laws kid's dojang had this kid about 17 years old K.O.ed a 15 year old to the head with a hard round house. Supposedly, the 17 year olds foot got up under the poorly worn head gear, and made contact to the 15 year old's head. The 15 year old dropped unconsciously to the floor, and then died latter in the hospital. The 17 year old wasn't supposed to hit the other kid. He was supposed to pull the kick during sparring. My sister-in-law was there. Don't know if it was reported in the local news. Sad matter of events upsets me just writing about it. How tragic.

I remember when my kids where young and the got a head injury the doctor told up us to watch them for 24 hrs. Kids are more susceptible to head injuries that can result in death.

Read this completely Because I don't have a news paper article of the accident. And because the risk of death that kids face when being pounded in a battery of punches from atop by another kid. And why for me one of several reason I don't recommend or approve of sparring for kids until 18 years old, when asked. Nervous Nelly, yes I am.
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