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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

I personally find it hypocritical that we put kids in arts like TKD, reframe elbow smashes, axe kicks, and all that stuff to "Kata" and then put them in the ring and pretend that it is something else other than what is being done in the context that these kids are doing.

At least they are being presented with an honest look at what they are doing.

Can parents and kids loose focus about sportsmanship, respect, and what it is really all about? happens in all sports. This one is no different.

It simply has alot of emotional context to it that some people have a hard time with and certainly it gives the media something to sell.

I'd recommend that you go first hand to one of these events and see what is really going on before dismissing it into a category of it's own separate from all the other sports and arts that are seemingly benign, yet offer the same issues.

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