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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

I kind of disagree with this little kid M.M.A. I find it rather disgusting that people would stand to profit from this. I'm all for little kids learning to defend themselves and even sparring. I guess I just look at it like someone is going to try and capitalize on this in due time.

It is one thing for a grown man or woman to consent to get their faces smashed in, and another for LITTLE kids.

B.T.W., I'm all for corporal punishment with kids. When I was growing up, if I back talked the belt came out before I could shut my mouth. If I didn't like what was for diner, I didn't eat. If I lied, soap was on the menu.

It seems our society has it's priority's backasswards. Whatever you do, don't smack your kid for being bad, and possibly keep him/her out of prison because they will understand that there is consequences to being bad. But it's o.k. to let them brawl as some kind of spectacle? W.T.F.?
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