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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

My 8 year old son trains in Judo and with me in BJJ and grappling from time to time.

You must look at the rules, which I will have to dig up, they are typically constrained to things that are age appropriate.

Under competent instruction and supervision it is not bad.

As emotional as it may seem to have kids doing MMA, I don't think it is any more harsh than parents that push their kids into competitive Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating or many other sports. I personally cringe watching young girls do some of the things they are made to do with their bodies in Gymnastics. I'd submit that it is every bit as hard on the body and mind as MMA.

MMA becomes very emotional because of the percieved violence that it seems to be directly related to.

parents that object have no issue with their kids watching violence on TV, taking "Soft" violent arts like Karate, TKD, and even aikido. At least in MMA they are being honest about it!

Anyway....just a different perspective.

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