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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

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Yeah, I cringed when I read that part.

btw, how is this child abuse? Don't get me wrong: I'm not trying to argue, just trying to understand. What makes something like this (training and competing in a martial sport) child abuse?
I understand, it is a good question. Here in the US we have made a shift toward how we should and shouldn't treat our children. In the past we where not very kind, we were cruel to our children. When my parents and grandparents where kids it was a continued Victorian mentally that didn't see kids to have much worth, or any rights. You can search our history of child labor laws to get a big picture. The greatest change has happened in the last 10 years on how we treat kids. For example, my grandparents got beatings with a tree branch until they got welts, among other torturous punishments for just speaking to an adult at the wrong time. My parents got spanked with a belt or stick for back-talking an adult. If caught cussing they got their mouths washed out with bar soap and other similar unpleasant experiences. I got spanking from my parents open hand a punishment or sent to my room. My kids got time out. That example represents the change in society over the years. We are kinder now to our kids then we have been in the past. We recognized that kids are human, they have human rights and should be honored.

Putting kids in MMA can be seen as abuse. They pit kids against each other to hurt each other in a way that is brutal and not necessary.

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