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Re: The Topic I never Wanted To Post

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Infact the only way I can make Aikido work for me at all anymore is by adding Atemi. :-( The lost of confidence in my abilities has gotten so bad now that even when doing my technique with others I have to add atemi. It is like a crutch I have to use. I know my teacher has taught atemi many times, but I know alot of the time we havent used it as well. WHY CAN'T I GET IT WITHOUT ATEMI!

I also want to add that I try real hard to obsorbe it, and practise all the time. I focus on every detail, sometimes too hard to the point I lose it.. And I will be honest I am A.D.D, so it is sometimes hard. Honestly I don't know if this is why other people have it by now and I do not. But I honestly feel I am missing everything. I am frustrated and after 8 years I am ready to move to something else.


The reason why the Atemi works is because it disturb uke's balance. But you should still be able to disturb Uke's balance with Tai-sabaki, so concentrate on taking uke's balance with body movement. Specifically with Ni-kyo there is always a chance you will struggle if you are doing it standing directly in front of uke. So try to do it by positioning yourself more off to uke's side. The arms greatest sphere of strength is directly in front of the human body, moving or extending the arm off to the side weakens this strength making the Ni-kyo easier to apply.

Struggling with people who resist or who are stiff/awkward is a common problem. So you also need to learn how to respond to how uke is reacting. Rather than force the technique on you should switch into something else that is more appropriate for example irimi-nage is a natural follow-on when uke locks up or spins out of shihon-nage. Some of the techniques of aikido flow naturally into others, Ikkyo into Ni-kyo into Sankyo, and you should be reaching the stage now where by the odd other technique slips into the practise (i.e sensei wants you to do technique A but you end up doing technique B instead) these often are the most nicest ones from uke's point of view. I would suggest that you actively ask you seniors to offer some resistance (and give some in return) so that you can explore/learn what to do in these situations.

Above all remember that aikido is full of plateau's where everything you do, seems to be getting worse. In reality you are just consolidating your knowledge and getting ready for the climb to the next level.
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