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Re: The Topic I never Wanted To Post

It is not that skills, principles, or techniques that are the problem typically with aikido...they are spot on I think (usually)

The challenge in timing, speed, distance, and compliance....also known as elements of aliveness.

This is what I found that gets you into trouble when you take aikido out of the dojo and work with those that do not respond how you do in the aikido dojo.

So, the answer, if you are not finding it in your aikido dojo is to train more or harder, or to add "more resistance". The answer is to find people outside of that environment that train this way and start making the mistakes (de-construct) and start figuring out how to respond with the new elements of timing, speed, distance and non-compliance.

That is, unless you are really lucky and have a dojo that does all of that. Sounds like you don't though...or you wouldn't have this issue.

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