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Lyle Bogin
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Re: Dojo Training Syllabus

When you guys are talking about "no weapons", does that mean there are also no defensive techniques against tanto/jo/bokken?

There are many of these in the Shin Budo Kai curriculum, along with throws with jo. No koshinage (did 'em once in 8 years), I had to look up sumi otoshi and I'd say I've done them but they're not on any exams.

I'd say the SBK specialty is Zenpo nage. Imaizumi Sensei divides techniques into categories: the ones we practice a lot, the sometimes techniques, the almost never seen wholly crap that's old school techniques, and (my fave) the ask your senpai then come to me for corrections techniques (since they will never be taught in a group setting).

It's a structure that I think has some wisdom built in.
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