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Re: The Topic I never Wanted To Post

You have discovered one of the most subtle things about this art:

The reason why our techniques manifest the way they do is because uke moves in a certain way in response to your technique because they are aware of their own openings as created by or identified by how you move.

Any of the following will cause your aikido to not work.

(a) Uke does not care if they are open because they don't believe you can exploit the opening -- this includes them not caring if you hit them.

(b) Uke is not aware of the opening and therefore does not move to close it.

(c) You do not move correctly to create or identify the opening.

You have to do certain things to make sure the above don't happen. This may include actually delivering an atemi to build uke's respect for those openings. It may include making your intent a bit more clear to help uke become aware of their own openings. It may include working on your own movement, including stopping trying to do a technique to uke and focusing on moving yourself in response to their openings.

Aikido is a study of suki. If your partner doesn't care or isn't aware, then half of what you need to do aikido is missing.
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