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Re: The Topic I never Wanted To Post

Sounds like you need to get back to basics. Techniques are just a physical manifestation of the underlying principles involved. I heard mentioned somewhere that there are four basic principles of technique application: (1) get off the line of attack, (2) receive Uke's energy (Ki, intent, etc) into your sphere of control, (3) redirect energy and take Uke's balance, and (4) eject or throw energy away (along with Uke). Of course, all four things are done immediately at the instant of contact. If you focus on those principles, eventually your techniques will come together. Further, it is also important to do all of that while focusing on the four principles of Aiki movement: (1) keep mind centered in tanden (Tohei"s One Point), (2) Relax completely, (3) Extend Ki (from One Point) & (4) Keep weight underside (think down!)

Of course, I am not an expert (not even close) at all that stuff, I just have an idea on where I need to go...

Good Luck

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