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When your family resents Aikido

When I first started Aikido I asked my wife to grab my wrist and that was the last time !!!

As was mentioned in previous comments, balance is important. I am lucky that my wife and children all have their own sports and activities. The trick is to achieve balance and I am thankful that my dojo offers 5 sessions per week so I can pick and choose when I practice and work my way around the families schedule.

When the children were younger I practiced 2 times a week and as they got older and more independent have up it to 3 or 4 times.
If I miss a practice I just remind myself that I will be doing Aikido for the rest of my life and missing a planned practice for a family activity (planned or not) is not the end of the world.

Now eight years later the only anti-aikido feedback I get is on the occasions she sees me folding my hakama when I get the " you take more care of that skirt than you do with your own laundry and that pile of clothes in the corner!"

My son jokes about my "Japanese dancing" and my 15 year old daughter just find me generally embarrassing as any girl of that age usually does.

The other thing I've learned is not to talk too much about it unless asked. There is nothing more irritating than a " Born Again Aikidoka".

Good luck with your practice

Andrew Barron
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