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Ron Tisdale
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Re: The Topic I never Wanted To Post

Been there before, sometimes still there now, will be back again. Each time I improve, I find new challenges. It's called life, and raising the bar. Perfectly normal.

Continue to visit your MMA friend, you will learn lots. Continue to train in aikido, and polish your basics. Pair with the Seniors that you believe have it as often as possible. Note every detail of how they move, what they do when faced with power, how they take your balance.

Begin to get to know your body...find exercises you can do at home to enhance your own balance and familiarity with your structure (bones, ligaments, tendons). Yoga under the correct instructor can be very good for this.

Don't quit. Nana Korobi Yaoki Jinsei Wa Kore Kara Da! Fall down seven times, rise eight, life begins from now.


Ron Tisdale
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