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Marc Abrams
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Re: When your family resents Aikido

I am an advocate of starting a direct conversation with your spouse (in absence of your children) and then with your children. They are upset and seem to find the "path of least resistance" by acting in a passive-aggressive manner with you. "Irimi"- explain to them what the Aikido practice means to you and does for you. Ask them if they can understand your experience. "Tenkan" - ask them to explain to you what their experience is of you spending time training so that you can understand their experience. "Ai" - When all sides have an understanding of what the other is experiencing, is their common ground that everyone can share (give & take, compromises, understandings, ....)? "Ki"- Approach their negativity with positive energy- caring and understanding of yourself and them. "Do"- Our life is our path. We are solely accountable for our life path. We share that journey with our friends and family. The sharing of the journeys are the relationships in our lives. Sometimes, the sharing is easier than others!

Best of Luck!

Marc Abrams
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