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I read something about this on the old aikido society of memphis website in their (quite funny) FAQ. That was one of the serious bits, mind, and it was answered with a quote from Tamura Shihan. Written by a guy called Jim Baker (and when I searched for it I made the confusing mistake of putting "Jim Bakker" into the search engine....) who adds here, occasionally.

I don't think you're supposed to be pulling your hands back so much as pulling your hips back and letting your hands follow. In other words, it helps you increase your hip movement without moving youur feet. Here's what it says at that link, anyhow...

Q: Why do we do that hand wringing thing at the end of warm ups?
Hold on tight, bunkies; things are going to get rough. I'm going to quote Tamura Shihan's answer:

"Furitama is important because every class I followed with O Sensei he did it. Consequently, his pupils, including myself and you, must do it to find our its meaning for ourselves. What O Sensei said, for instance, was `You are standing with one foot put on the rock of the sky, the other foot on the rock of the earth'. This means you are standing in the center of the universe, You receive the ki from the sky and the ki from the earth at the point of unification (where the hands come together, left on top) and you move your hands because it is the mixing point. And that is where the energy takes life."
Tamura Shihan then goes into a comparison with sex which I've left out. No, really.


I know that's not quite the rowing exercise, but anytime I've done the rowing exercise we finished with what's described above.

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