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Re: Dojo Training Syllabus

Well, here's what I think. The Aikikai hombu dojo is comprised of only 11 different techniques. In my opinion, it isn't enough. I would prefer a training syllabus to include all of the basic throwing and pinning techniques. I know that there are "thousands" of techniques, but shouldn't a shodan know how at least to do a koshi nage, or sumi otoshi? As far as weapons, that's a hard question. There are many arguments as to whether or not weapon practice is necessary for Aikido. Also, there are so many katas out there, which ones are really necessary.? For me, a basic syllabus would include at least the suburi.

I don't think that a dojo should create its own syllabus just to help foster its own identity. On the other hand, it think it would bring more cohesion to the Aikido community if every dojo had a syllabus comprised of all the basic techniques in addition to its own. Every shodan in Aikido, no matter what the organization or dojo, should be able to demonstrate in some form a syllabus of all basic techniques.

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