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Dojo Training Syllabus

Hello everyone,

This is a thread on the essence of following a proper training syllabus. We are all aware of the Hombu Dojo Training syllabus and we are also aware that some prominent Dojos around the world also have their own training syllabus.

My main thrust is this: (1) Does a Dojo need to develop their own training syllabus aside from the already existing Hombu Dojo training syllabus, or is it enough that we follow the trditional Hombu Dojo syllabus? (2) Since Hombu Dojo does not have weapons training anymore, do we need to stop weapons training also because it is not anymore "required" by Hombu Dojo? and (3) Is it really important for a Dojo to have its own identity in terms of the requirements for training, training syllabus, and autonomy in administrative matters concerning fees, membership, and the like?

This thread aims to get the views of fellow Aikido enthusiasts, in the spirit of friendship, harmony and friendly dicussion. Your thoughts, my fellow Aikido enthusiasts, are very welcome.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

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