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Marc Abrams
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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George


I am sorry that you are so distrusting of your world. I believe that it is important to be vigilant as parents, but teach children how to use good judgment, rather than to be distrustful of the world at large. I agree with you that incidents between adults and incidents between adults and children are different. Both are abuses of a certain type of a relationship. Both are wrong. One is certainly worse than the other.

Teachers have an obligation to maintain appropriate boundaries with all of the students, regardless of gender, age, .... I do not believe in idol worship of anybody. The point that I was trying to make is that teachers should be held to reasonable standards. One of those is maintaining appropriate boundaries. If the teacher's teacher sets a poor example, then it can easily become a slippery slope downhill. In my line of work, those lines are firmly set with very serious consequences if boundaries are violated.


I agree with you about the futility of trying to find "rational" reasons. It is possible to "dissect" events and psychological processes that create the conditions in which horrible things occur. These understandings do not make the event any more palatable/rational. I am truly sorry to say that I have had to work with children who have had things done to them that I could never imagine another person would do another living being (same things apply to what has happened to adults as well). I have learned to realize that reality is always more disturbing than fantasies. I always strive to gain some understanding into these dark places. Sooner or later, enough of people's attention should hopefully result in some better understandings. This might then lead to better predictive capacities, and lastly better treatment options.

You are right in that we cannot stop a person who wants to walks into that dark place. I am hoping that if enough of us set up certain standards, that we can slowly educate parents in our communities as to what to look for (good and bad) and what to be wary of. This will also serve to protect teachers from false accusations.


I agree with you wanting to keep our two "lives" separate. I NEED my Aikido to keep some balance in my life so that I can work effectively. Separation is critical. That being said, I think that in this arena, we need to not assume that everybody simply knows what is right and wrong. With these allegations, that is obvious. Contributions from everyone to help set standards of practice, like in our field, help the teachers and the students alike when the issues are not as "clear" as the one behind this thread. Those standards that exist for us, protect us and the public. Some standards for us could be helpful as well.

Marc Abrams
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