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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote: View Post
For those dealing with problems like this, I recommend Gavin de Becker's Gift of Fear.

Any other recommendations?
I'd like to second the recommendation for "The Gift of Fear," as I'm about halfway through the book as we speak.

(Off topic for a second - incidentally I'm sitting at my desk not twenty feet from where a recently fired employee killed two others with a shotgun about ten years ago at my company, so I'm finding the chapter on employee violence rather pertinent.)

As far as Mr. George's alleged behavior, I don't think that we should be too surprised when people who are in positions of power or responsibility take advantage of it. If they didn't have access to said power or responsibility, they'd never have the opportunity to make good on whatever it is they might be inclined to do. They may not have set themselves up for that purpose, but simply take an opportunity when presented.

Part of the reason why we hear much more about teachers and care providers abusing children than say, oil derrick engineers or forestry workers who might posess identical unhealthy ideations.

Edit to add:

There was a question about finding middle ground between naivete and paranoia when interacting with those in positions of power. The right middle ground for me is "Trust, but Verify." I ping for verification often, and am willing to change my position if they start to come back sour, even if I have a history positive relationships with the person.

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