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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

Very interesting discussions. If it was brought up, I did not catch it but I think we have issues of "professional boundaries" here. In the health care professions, many states have requirements for relicensing where doctors have to take so many hours of professional boundaries training. Much like with instructors, transference can occur. Patients become attracted to their care givers and vice versa. Doctors frequently must touch patients to examine and treat them. The issues become complex: how much touching is necessary and under what circumstances? Many doctors have an assistant in the room at all times, some are less cautious. These issues arise in any situation where interactions occur involving physical contact. It might be a good thing for martial arts instructors to become more aware of the issues surrounding professional boundaries. It is complex as the person's personal history and cultural issues enter into defining what is appropriate-it's an individual call for the most part. However, awareness of the issues surrounding age and the ability to comprehend all the complexities of evolving sexual awareness make interaction with minors particularly difficult. Nothing makes sense when it comes to the mental illness of pedophilia. The rescividism rate with child molestors is extremely high. It is difficult to determine who might be a pedophile. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for those in transitional ages to recognize the perils inherent in becoming involved with others at the border of legal age. Hormonal influences are notorious for clouding judgement.

There are online courses available for a reasonable cost that handle or address the issue of sexual boundaries. It might be advisable for martial arts instructors to consider such training and to establish policies for instructors in their dojo with regards to interactions with children and females or members of the opposite sex. Especially for instructors.
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