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John Ruhl
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Re: Not Magic, Science

Chuck -

As a 4th kyu in aikido and something like a rokudan in physics I tend to think about things like this a fair bit.

Chuck Gordon wrote: View Post
Aikido is a system of budo relying on basic principles of psychology and physiology.
I hold a similar view, but your statement:

Chuck Gordon wrote: View Post
Physically, if it cannot be described in terms of physics and other human science, it's non-existent.
seems much too definitive. There's surely a heck of a lot that's "real" that isn't well described by science... that's the whole reason we do science, and haven't stopped!

On the mental side, do you think that those aspects are really explained well enough by psychology, or do you think there is room for much more understanding as we learn more about the mind? I don't know much psychology, but I suspect the human mind is capable of things that are both very impressive and not yet understood.

I do know that I am very impressed every time I get "smoked", by which I mean nage disappears and I'm flying through the air wondering what just happened. I guess that could be that nage's mind just did something impressive, or that my mind did something particularly unimpressive.

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