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Re: Eroticism

[quote=Mariya Cacheva;201829] Great piece, very well said... However I don't think, and I thought about this for a while and wondered if I should post or not, but I don't think I would feel comfortable going on the mat with someone if they just said that to me. We've all heard the line that Aikido is love but I'd rather not call it sex. [\]

Hi Mariya,

I'm very glad you did decide to post. I appreciate your honesty.

Electricians, mechanics, and plumbers routinely speak of plugging male parts into female parts. They don't do so in order to be sensational or salacious. It's just what makes sense.

In my opinion, something is added to aikido that I think is otherwise lost by treating it the same way.

As for sex and love, let me encourage you to think deeply about love in possibly a new way. See if you can find the shape and geometry of love. Does it not also have in its nature the ebb and flow, the moving into and the opening and receiving, of parts that must fit together just so in order to be right and good? Is not love an intercourse between spirits, intellects, and emotions?

If you can see it that way, then I think you will be close to what I am getting at. If you were to watch how I teach, I think you would find it perfectly chaste and proper. But if you look really deeply at any good example of aikido in action, I think you will find the eroticism is as inescapable as love.

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