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Re: Re: Run from an attacker?

Originally posted by Brian Vickery

Hello Kat,

'Back-pedalling' will get you in alot of trouble!'s far better to turn tail and really run have the advantage of suprise, because you made the move 1st, and you can quickly change direction, again causing your attacker to try & catch up his strike will not have the same force behind it if he is running, rather than you just standing there and taking it full force.

Just my 2 cents worth!

Surprise would definitely be an advantage, but if your attacker is faster than you he will catch you. And he might not strike you from behind, he might grab you or tackle you and then hit you. And if you turned and ran you would not be able to see him and so would have no idea what his next attack would be, or when.
Just thought I would mention that I'm not saying that running is wrong I'm just trying to understand why it is the best thing to do.


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