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E.D. Gordon
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Re: Not Magic, Science

Science is the art of questioning.
If you are here to ask the question, ask why you are here.

I would not be here, if not for science. I would never have been conceived. I would be dead of pneumonia (age 4) strep, dysentery, polio or smallpox.

My mate would not be able to walk or see. Or teach budo. I'd be stuck with it. ;-p

Ask not, what science does for you.
Ask, what science has done for you already. Glasses? Contacts? Lasik? Contraceptives? Clean water? Food that doesn't make you sick? This computer you're sitting at? It's all good, man. :-)

It's my experience,that when people don't believe in evolution, it's because it passed them by.

What would you tell me, if I told you that I didn't believe in the theory of Gravity? the Big Bang? What if I said that Earth was the center of the Universe?

Let's not just look at what we have learned, but what we CAN learn. Please don't go thinking, that we're done yet!!!

Science is the art of exploration and rational evaluation.
If you don't have this, you are stuck in the feudal world. Our roots need not designate our goals.

E.D. Gordon
Go Science!
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