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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

Thank you, Aaron. It always helps to be reminded of how to lessen the chances that you get yourself in a position that your intentions can be questioned especially when dealing with youngsters.

I didn't find any other articles pertaining to this incident either, which I find highly suspect. The way the article is written also leaves me with many questions. Apparently, they quoted Mr. George as saying to police that "the relationship with his student of two years started with hugging and 'petting' and had progressed in the last three months". however the only word in the entire paragraph in quotation marks is "petting". I have no doubt that the word petting was included in his interview with investigators, but none of us could possibly have the slightest clue as to the context of the word's usage from the content, or should I say, lack of content contained in this article.

Unfortunately, there are people in our society who we probably have had contact with who are capable of things such as this. I certainly wouldn't try to fool myself into thinking that these people are not human or some kind of monsters that slipped in under the radar and lurk in our midst undetected until something of this nature happens. No. They are just people. Just like you and me. Just like Ms. Angela Brandt. We all have different motivations and make vastly different choices. If Mr. George did indeed do what he is suspected of doing, I believe he should be appropriately punished for his actions. If he did not I hope to God he is exonerated and his life returns to better than it was before. But most importantly I will not judge him based on Ms. Brandt's article. Come to think of it, I won't judge him anyway. My thoughts are with everyone involved in this truly unfortunate matter.

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