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Re: Very Disturbing news about Clint George

I guess I'm a little surprised that a google news search doesn't pull up any other references besides this one article.

I'm a father of a child this age, and I'm also a certified level-3 youth hockey coach. The level-1 training program must have been written by USA Hockey's risk management department, because they kept hammering home several key points: don't ever be alone with a child, don't touch a child inappropriately, don't use bad language around a child, don't ever be alone with a child, don't make jokes with sexual connotations around a child, don't tell a child that you love him/her, and most importantly, don't ever be alone with a child.

The fact is, it doesn't matter to your reputation if allegations of sexual misconduct are true or false. If a child's family perceives that there has been misconduct, be prepared to have your life ruined. Expect someone to call your boss, your pastor, your children's day-care facility, etc. Expect the local newspapers to run articles about you as a sexual predator with your picture. Expect a feature on your local news station.

I was lucky to have the support I did when entering youth sports. USA Hockey does a great job preparing you for being safe with kids, both for their sake and yours. Whether the allegations against this aikido instructor are true or not (and of course, I hope not!), there's a lesson for any of us who work with kids here:

Hold yourself to the highest possible standard when working with children, all the time.

And, did I mention, never, ever, ever, never, ever ever be alone with someone else's child?
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