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Re: Adreneline rush ...

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Be careful when reaching for the Adreneline rush, it may work, and it may not?
Hello Bruce,

Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but I must say that I disagree with virtually everything you stated about dealing with the adrenaline rush. What you said 'sounds' pretty good, but from my experience, it just doesn't hold water. I won't refute your posting line-by-line because I believe your basic premise is where you're off base.

OK, when you're suddenly attacked, your limbic system (aka: 'Frog' brain) takes over & dumps the adrenaline into your blood stream. At this point your cognitive system virtually shuts down. In your posting you stated: "...the calm controled adreneline feed that is gained by letting your mind believe there is nothing impossible or more important than the present ... that is to say, no thoughts of the past or future are considered, only the present moment and its importance is life itself, then the clarity of mind with the strength of body is practically doubled in this clarity." I do not believe you will have the capability of this type of thought or mind/body control. I know that I didn't!

It is my experience that the adrenaline rush is anything but a "calm controled adreneline feed". It hits you like a sledge hammer, you get tunnel vision, audio exclusion, and time seems to slow down. The only thing going through my mind was: HIT HIM!!! ...HIT HIM SOME MORE!!! Hitting your attacker full power is the only option you have's ALL or NOTHING in this situation.

But that's just my experience, you might have handled it differently.


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