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That's a topic for a religious war. There are quite a few budo that really don't have modern applications -- kyudo or iaido, for example. Can you say that people who train in these styles are training to "effectively be able to use it against a person who truly wants to hurt" them, when their art has no modern application?
Modern application does not have to be a criteria for study. Sincere and dedicated practice of what the art is about does not have to have modern application to study it. There are other reasons.

From the 'Aikido is useless without Atemi' thread,

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
..... OTOH, I'm of the belief that you can find some amazing stuff in the sincere and dedicated practice of just about anything. It's just that it comes from the inside, in response to the practice -- it isn't taught by the practice, but it's maybe brought out by the practice.
If what you study does have a modern application then why not be prepared to use it?

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