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Few years ago, I saw him on TV - I thing all East Coast could see this show. Gerard Blaise threw his students from distance of 10 feet. It was really funny; he simply looked at a student and student fall down in CONVULSIONS! Then student couldn’t get up, the power of Blaise's eyes locked him down without mercy. His students shared experience, if you didn’t fall down; you got never promoted for not feeling of Blaise power.

Then, the author of show went to Hikitsushi sensei dojo with Blaise. Again, Hikitsushi sensei threw Blaise without touching him. So cameraman proposed to throw him also in the same way. And guess what? It didn’t work!!! Mystery!!! Hikitsushi sensei, 10th dan of aikido could throw cameraman without touching him……May be cameraman used any-KI armur? Or used power of Woo Doo magic? We will never know….


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