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Re: Advice on Hombu dojo etiquette

The class the Doshu teaches is in the main hall on the 3rd floor and contains the mens dressing room. This hall is for 3rd kyu and up only. The second largest hall is on the 2nd floor and that is for the beginners and contains the ladies dressing room. You will be in this room most likely but do try to see if you can get permission to train in the main hall since you are visiting.

I was a 5th kyu 6 years ago when I visited Honbu. Luckily I was able to get permission to practice in the main hall from Doshu. He just happend to be in the office when my translator was asking about how to do things there.

Make sure you bring your membership book or card {VERY IMPORTANT} to show that you belong to an organization that is affiliated with Honbu. If not, then you will have to pay a boat load of money in order to practice. You don't need to introduce yourself to the Senseis, just dive in. Oh, make sure that you enter the training hall in through the correct door {VERY IMPORTANT}. Each training hall has two doors, one for the Sensei only and the other for us. I almost made this mistake! You should have seen the look on the fellow students face and heard the horror in his voice when he stopped me from making this major blunder. Men aren't allowed to wear t-shirts under their gi from what I was told by some European blackbelts. They practice at a very good pace so you will sweat a ton.
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