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Re: Resistance

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If you are not training in aikido to effectively be able to use it against a person who truly wants to hurt you, then is it a martial art?
I don't believe that 90% of the people who I have trained with, and many under, are effective 'martial artists' in some jean claude van damme sorta way. Having said that, what emerged from my practice when I was under attack was extremely effective. I am certain that focused and continuos training build skills that we might not even be aware of and it also stands to say that I was quite a scrapper before aikido but aikido gave me a whole different approach and solution set. And it works!
I remember, and still practice, accepting training with anyone in the dojo;especially people who 'scared' me or who I had an 'issue' with. I just put it out of my mind and trained. I think that is the single skill tat has helped in emergency moments. Acceptance of certain degrees of intensity

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