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Yup -- that was kind of my point. People who train to use archaic weapons against other archaic weapons don't tend to fret themselves trying to justify the relevance of what they're doing -- or to be insecure about whether what they're doing is a "real martial art".

It's funny that arguments for real-ness tend to base themselves on modern applications and on lineage/heritage. Can you really have it both ways?
I sense your frustration and I used to share it...Folks forget the history of the Martial Arts as a path of "self improvement" goes back just as far as a "skillfull means" for fighting/combat...I harmonized with my own frustration by understanding that any Martial Practice be it Naginata, Tai Chi, or Military Combatives for that matter has the capacity to develop and build Martial Awareness in the person practicing it.

When I was young that was a real need for me to know how to kick butt in the most effective manner possible and when I reached my personel plateau many years ago in this regard I suffered greatly...Why... because was that it? Kick Butt or get your Butt kicked? I had my O'Sensei moment if you will... It was either time to go deeper or stand around with the rest of the "vets" telling stories about the good old days and occasionly picking on some youngster to make me feel good...

Not the kind of character I wished for myself...A serious case of Blackbelt disease...I did allot of studying...went to allot of Dojo's...trained with allot of folks...Until I found what I was looking for...A real (for me anyway) path that I could follow to help me reconcile my Irish Temper with my Big Spirit...

Now as a fat old man I am pretty fooking happy with the results...

I got over being frustrated by wishing that everyone find what it is thier looking for with thier Martial Practice and volunteering to help them if I can...

William Hazen
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