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Re: Free Breakfalls and Frustration to Boot

Marie Noelle Fequiere wrote: View Post
So my question is:
Isn't there an age limit for breakfalling?
I started at fourty five, and I thought that breakfalls were for the young people. Like, when you start training in Karate around age fifty, you can make it to black belt without having to be able to execute a jumpin spinning back kick.
I've never heard of an "age limit" for learning how to breakfall. If anything else, I think that one's overall physical condition (i.e., how well they are able to take hard falls) would be more of an issue. I started training in Aikido at age 34 (will be 36 this April). Since I thought breakfalls looked "cool", I wanted to learn how to do them too. About a year and a half later, I can breakfall decently - or at least good enough to *not* land on my head during koshi-nage.

I've also seen folks well into their 40's and 50's still taking breakfalls. On the other hand, I think quite a few of them started training when they were younger.

You alone know what your physical limitations are. If you're still in good physical condition, I don't see why you can't learn how to breakfall. It's kinda hard getting around it when you're learning koshi-nage.

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