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Blush! Re: Free Breakfalls and Frustration to Boot

Hi Nomi, thank you so much for opening this thread, for I am in the exact same boat as you are. I will try some of the advice provided to you by the previous posters.
Please do not think that I am trying to hijack you thread, but I wonder if it would be necessary to open another thread on such a similar subject. So my question is:
Isn't there an age limit for breakfalling?
I started at forty five, and I thought that breakfalls were for the young people. Like, when you start training in Karate around age fifty, you can make it to black belt without having to be able to execute a jumping spinning back kick.
Well, after one and a half year of training, Sensei is adamant that I will learn it. He says that I can. How he can tell that, I do not know, but since Sensei is always right, here I am, scared out of my head, trying to breakfall.
I'm working on falling forward without using my supporting hand, only the te katana. It seems to me that the next step would just be to add a jump, but I do not feel confident that will know the exact moment to slap the floor, and, if I cannot do that, I will simply not get up.
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