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Bruce Baker
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Adreneline rush ...

Be careful when reaching for the Adreneline rush, it may work, and it may not?

As long as fear, anger, or rage is a motivator, the adreneline from those emotional catalysts are powerful and short lived, even if they are convenient at that moment.

However, if you can use the same adreneline in the application of Iron arm, the calm controled adreneline feed that is gained by letting your mind believe there is nothing impossible or more important than the present ... that is to say, no thoughts of the past or future are considered, only the present moment and its importance is life itself, then the clarity of mind with the strength of body is practically doubled in this clarity.

Everyone has a moment of strength that is remembered as "I don't know how I did it, but I did."

Learning to drawn upon emotions without being controled by them .... adreneline rush.

Next time you do a throw, take all the emotions that have been bottled up, and focus them beyond your partner as if they being thrown out of your body and beyond your partner. Silly? Try it. Focus your techniques across the room, never at your partner but past him/her into empty space across the room, and see if your power is not at least doubled?

If you start to have shaky hands, or become dizzy, stop and rest. Discontinue practice until your strength returns.

If you have ever had a moment of everyone moving slower and slower, this is one way to have that happen if you continue to train with this method.

I wonder if actually hitting someone with full power is really a good training method, or merely a way to instill confidence to use what you already know to its full potential?

It probably is like everything else in life. Once you have done it a hundred times, it becomes old hat?
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