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Bruce Baker
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Trees and city folks

Well, I just got back from a trip to Northwestern Pennslyvania, it was pretty enlightening as far as the people either were always outdoors, or they were tearing down the forests to make their little part of heaven formed in their own dreams image. My ancestors were basically farmers, loggers, and hunters from one horse towns. There was more open land than I remembered from visiting two years ago?

I guess that is something we all do, destroy the forest, the living habitats of those nasty wild creatures, and insects that annoy our lives? Funny, the pieces of grass that grow in the cracks, or the trees that force their way into the soil and raise the sidewalks or pieces of concrete, they do it ever so slowly while we rush about and plan to cut and use those trees for wood products, or get them out of our way.

We are masters of our universe, and that which we can not control, we destroy. Not a very Aiki lifestyle, is it?

Of course, seeking the lessons of a totally mad teacher, such as the personage of O'Sensei, is only impropable if it becomes socially correct with your friends or over a few drinks with your boss? Incorrectness is hidden, or not talked about when it relates to money. Finding the actual balace of your life within the universe is merely the physical relation of getting the most money with the least amount of difficulty, this becomes the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, our dream fantasy of Aikido ... or does meditation and in a sterilized empty room give you more peace and energy than resting in a garden?

The mindset, the social rules of advancement do not always correspond to our own goals of enlightenment, do they? Maybe we should examine the basis of theraputic rest in settings of nature and see if this particular practice is withing that arena? I think it is?

I think that going to the Bahama's for vacation, or snow skiing in the mountains, and even going for a drive in your car to get away from the city all qualify a crackpot practices as they are all attempts to get in touch with nature's energy by different means?

Of course if they are not crackpot methods of getting in touch with natures energy ... mmmm?

Maybe we should get a clinical study going with one group meditating with trees, and the rest in a sterilized white room?

Want to bet who has the energy of nature and who falls short?

Kind of like learning to do Aikido with your inner strength, not just your muscles?

I believe the inner strength is a form of self hypnotism if you want the scientific trigger to use this energy ... but if it works, you might as well use it, eh?

Let me put it this way ... I feel a whole lot better when I meditate outside under the tree, than doing it in front of my computer?
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