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Re: Re: Re: $eminars

Originally posted by George S. Ledyard
So the next time you get to train in a situation in which you get to pay half or less than you'd expect normally and the teacher is some fifth or sixth dan with several decades of experience just give a thought to why they are so much less exepensive. In some cases it might be a case of a bit of reverse discrimination going on.
Yes, I've asked myself this question when going to low cost seminar. What usually happens is that the visiting teacher is a friend, ex teacher or partner of the receiving teacher. So it will probaly be in the city anyway just to say "Hi!". Why not give a seminar at the same time and train with the old friends ? So, it's not only a question of renumeration but also a question of friendship and people keeping in relation with each others. For example, in the case of the 10$ seminar I've talked, the teacher was the first sensei of a sensei in one of the city dojo. He was simply coming to see the dojo of his ex student and how things were going and the the two decided that it can be fun and interesting for everybody to do a seminar at the same time... And then, why not tells the other dojos in the city ?

Maybe it's me that's lucky to be in a city where the 5-6 dojos maintain a good relationship with each other. When one of them organize a small seminar, the other dojos gets invited. From time to time, some of them get together to make a bigger seminar with a more known teacher... So we get a lot of these small seminars from "the guy who has trained with me before moving to another city" at low cost because it's as much an occasion for peoples to meet old friends than for doing aikido...
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