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Visitors at Seminars and Part Timers

Originally posted by akiy
As far as going to just a part of a seminar goes, I remember one shihan saying that it's basically a bit disrespectful to the teacher and other students; the teacher usually has some sort of continuum through the seminar which builds upon itself through the weekend which enables him/her to provide depth into what is being taught. I've been to a seminars in which this sort of "putting people on the same wavelength" kind of training was done and it was evident who was just attending "for the day" as what they were doing was nothing like what the teacher had been emphasizing for the past couple of days. It's kind of like going to see the middle 30 minutes of a movie and not knowing how it started to began...

-- Jun

PS: George, you're coming to the Summer Camp in the Rockies? I'll see you there...
There are certainly times when you can't hit a whole seminar. With eight kids and a dojo I know that only too well. If I can only go part time I usualyy communicate with the Teacher that I unfortunately have a conflict and that I am sorry I can't hit the whole seminar. I think they usually understand that.

I have had Teachers ask me why someone was just watching on the side. These were people from other dojos who just come to watcha seminar. I get the impression that the teachers in question felt a) that the students weren't gutsy enough to get on the mat and that they didn't really respect the just watching approach and / or b) that there was a bit of a slight in that the teacher was good enough to drop in to watch but not good enough to invest in with physical effort and financial commitment. These were people who had trained in Japan and I think it was more their thinknig that if you had the time to get there you should train unless you were injured. Anything less was a bit of a slight to the instructor. On the other hand i have not told my students to stay away if hey can't train. I know some of my students have dropped in at other dojos to observe a seminar and they didn't train. I always took the appraoch that that was better than nothing. But it really doesn't support either the teacher or the host dojo that has cmootied all its resources to hosting that teacher.

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