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Re: $eminars

Originally posted by tedehara
There are many good teachers. Not all of them have a reputation or are from Japan. The seminars that they do draw mostly from one dojo. They're usually less expensive also.
You're right 100% on this one. In a year, I try to go at one big costly seminar with an international level teacher. However, I also attend to 3-4 seminars with more local or even somewhat unknown teachers. This spring, we even get one seminar for 10$CAN (around 6$US) with one of these less known teacher! Not too costly and it was a very interesting seminar...

And also note that these less known teachers are not necessarely worst than the big names... Sometime, you even learn more in these less flashy seminars: less people, better contact with the teacher...

A big name in aikido is not always equal to a good teacher. Some shihan are excellent aikidoka but are very poor at teaching what they know... And going to a less costly seminar with a less known teacher is certainly better than no seminar at all...
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