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Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Consider ...

The universe is energy.

The energy seeks to become matter/mass.

The Mass combines with other elements seeking to become energy, again.

Somewhere in the attempt for mass to have the life force become energy, it attempts to gain the lifeforce which becomes energy.

So, the lifeforce of all things is Aiki.

Even as the mass attempts to recombine into forms that will give energy, this too becomes Aiki. (Although its slow scope of life takes billions of years and is beyond our comprehension with its slowly moving masses.)

So you see, even our lives, which amounts to a millionth of a second in the universal scheme of life becomes Aiki, we are but generators of energy .... Aiki power.

The warmth of your body, the static electricity you get with clothing, and the well of energy in your second and third wind ... these too are Aiki.

Somewhere in your gut feeling and your willpower is the solution to finding .... Aiki.

All these things are alive with energy.

All these things have Aiki.

If you consider even things that die recombine and again create energy or life, even death can not stop this struggle to reach energy/life. Aiki is pretty awesome!
Energy seeks to become matter, matter seeks to become energy? It's all aiki? You are trying sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to be a mystic philosopher but it's just not happening.

Steve Hoffman
That's going to leave a mark.
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