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Re: Resistance

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I think a lot would depend on one's definition of "resistance". I generally do not throw myself, as I think it is important for my training partner to know when and if his/her technique, in fact, works. I think too much training is done with overly-compliant ukes, which perpetuates the notion that any technique is good enough, or the idea (to outsiders) that Aikido is hokey and/or ineffective.

Understand that not throwing oneself is entirely different than trying not to be thrown.
This is an excellent point. I don't resist to be egotistical. but I do it so that my partner can make some good corrections. I do that because I see too many senior yudansha, who have developed bad habits over the years. I'm sure many of them did because they just didn't care. But others did because they were never shown, and the expectation of them eventually realizing what was wrong is what has held them back. I might also note that I generally do this with students who are approaching the black belt level so that they have good habits that they continue to work on, as I also do.

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