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Agreed on all points, except ikkyo without a pin is an ikkyo-based technique, but not fully ikkyo, in my mind. Again, others might view it differently, but I suspect I am not the only one.
Fair enough. To each their own. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but rather where and how I differ. The difference is, I don't see ikkyo (or any other aikido waza) as "technique" - i.e. something you do to someone. Rather, it is a sort of "framework" thru which the base principles can be explored. There are many ways to do ikkyo - as evidenced by Stefan's exposition. But they're all based on the same principle - the circle inside the square.

Personally speaking, the pin is the least of my considerations for what "makes" it a "technique" - since the pin is merely a temporary restraint... long enough for you to get the hojo cord (or if your prefer - cuffs) out or the tanto to make them a new smile from ear to ear. Hardly a requisite for basing the entire premise of a technique on a temporary restraint, in my book. To me that's clearly missing the forest for the trees.

But, as I said... to each their own.