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Re: Article: Moral Stances on Shaky Ground by "The Mirror"

Without self examination of what learning to be harmonious really means, aikido is simply a group of techniques. If one expects to "receive" something, whether it be enlightenment or superior martial ability because "its Aikido" from anyone outside of themselves, then they are just fooling themselves. Just like those who truly submit to change because of their religious beliefs, the change must come within the person and not from anything said by another person. So, if you want aikido to change you, YOU must examine what the training is telling you. If you want superior martial ability YOU must examine how aikido techniques really work and figure out how to make that work in a martial way. Your instructor can really only show you the techniques. And its unfortunate that there are those instructors who truly believe O Sensei was somehow more than a man and portray aikido as a mystical path to perfection. Even worse is that there are some who know that isn't true and yet still purvey it to unsuspecting students.
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