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Re: Keep my new Tozando gi?

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Are there any "other" differences between the Super-Soft and the Deluxe? Weight of fabric, collar, anything? What about the anti-bacterial stuff, do you notice it? I think I might be allergic to it. Does the Super-Soft gi have it as well? Also, how heavy are the two gis - double weave?
The gi's are both double weave. Pretty heavy by comparison to others I've had. A huge pain to pack for a trip. I can't say I feel or notice much difference between the two; what difference I do notice I'd attribute more to difference in size than to anything else. I mean Tozando does claim difference in fabric, but I can't say I see much of it. Heck, they might've sent me a Deluxe instead of a Super-Soft! :-) Don't know about the anti-bacterial stuff - both stink equally bad if I don't take good care of them :-) I don't think the Super-Soft has it though.

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