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Re: Keep my new Tozando gi?

Hi Larry,

I'm about your size and weight. I have one Seersucker jacket, size 5, one Super-Soft jacket, size 5, and one Deluxe, size 4L.

The Seersucker is relatively new; it hasn't shrunk much and feels too long to me; I might end up having to cut its sleeves and (whatever you call the bottom part of the jacket), or maybe give it a few more hot wash and dry cycles in the hopes it'll shrink more. I would roll up its sleeves rather than cutting them, but the fabric is too thin for the rolled-up sleeves to hold throughout the practice. Overall it feels a bit insubstantial to me; after practicing in it for a bit I decided that I prefer a thicker gi, but that's just a personal preference.

The Super-Soft and Deluxe have been in active use for about two years. I'm very happy with both, the best gi tops I ever tried (not that I tried that many though). The 4L Deluxe now feels a tad smaller than I'd like, although fine overall. The 5 Super-Soft feels nicer volume-wise, but I do roll up its sleeves.

I'm a bit confused with Tozando's sizes at this point: being more or less satisfied with my 5 Super-Soft, I ordered the Seersucker of the same size, but with that jacket size 5 doesn't seem to work as well.

As far as the "softness" of the Super-Soft, I can't say I feel much difference between it and the Deluxe at this point. I'll probably go for another Deluxe if I decide to get another Tozando.

Just in case you find this useful - I have Tozando's Deluxe pants of sizes 4L and 5. 4L is perfect for me, 5 is a bit too large/long.

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