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Re: Aiki strategy outside the dojo

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
How do you apply the aiki principle to your daily life?

You might think of it differently, but to me that means joining with the attacker instead of opposing. I find that when I am able to do that, conflicts are dissolved - on the tatami as well as off it.

It is not yielding, since I can continue to advance - even more smoothly than if I resisted the aggression. Just a taisabaki evasion, and off I go.

Still, some self-control is needed, because I can sense an "animalistic" reflex to jump at any challenge. If people oppose me, something inside of me wants to escalate the conflict.
But when I manage to pass it and let it pass me, then I can move on toward my goal without any waste of time or energy. I must admit that I don't always manage that...

Please - I am not talking about self-defense, but undramatic everyday situations where I meet with opposing wills of others.

For example: in an argument, trying to find in what way we both can be right solves almost any dispute. And in a meeting where consensus is needed, there is usually a third option that solves the issues of the two seemingly contradictory ones. And so on.

Have you experienced the same? And if you have, do you feel that it is aikido you do?
Stefan Sensei,

For one thing, I find the ways you practice all this on this forum rather nice, both clear and graceful - goes to show that that your (recently disputed... ) "skills" are at least easily transferred into communicative situations, which makes them very meaningful, to me at least. A fine example.


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