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Re: Training "Aiki" with Dan Harden

Still not sure which mis-conceptions you are referring to.

a) are you saying Ueshiba didn't do solo-training?
1a) That is not what Ellis just said
b) are you saying related arts didn't do solo-training in an organized fashion?
1b) Absolutely agreed...which is why it is solo is not surprising that the various groups of Daito ryu do not have organized solo training. Even the Sagawa-ha did not to the best of my knowledge. But what he did have was a routine of about 20 exercises that he himself did regularly. As did his senior student.

What Shioda did to build and condition his body is an open question. Same with Horikawa Kodo, and all of the other "premier" students of Takeda. From what Ellis has said, and from an article by Kuroda Sensei some years ago, he used his kata as his solo training. Rigorously, and over a long period of time.


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