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Mike Sigman
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Eric Jones wrote: View Post
Is there a place where you post rough schedules for seminars when you do have them? When I read r.m-a a long time ago I would see you post on occasion and either you or others would mention when and where a seminar would be, and now that I have a little cash and the ability to travel more or less at will I would really like to sign up for one.

Also, I know that this is the aikido forums but are you still teaching them in a generic martial manner?
Hi Eric:

I'm fairly lax about posting workshops since I only have time to do a few of them. The only place I try to post personally is on the QiJin forum; generally I leave it to the host to do what he wants to do about advertising.

Functionally, there's no way to get around some aspect of generic approach, in my opinion. Since Aikido is to some degree regimented (much more so than various Taiji, Xingyi, etc., schools), I was able to push the envelope at the Pennsylvania workshop at Itten Dojo and get into some things I don't normally get into. I don't know if I'll be able to duplicate that at every succeeding workshop. The Pennsylvania one had a pretty smart lineup of people.

Along the same lines, I try to do a sort of "big picture" coverage of what the various skills and approaches are in the ki abilities. Since ki and qi skills don't really break down to any substantive differences in the styles (despite the beliefs of the ill-informed), a little cross-style genericism is simply a fact of life.


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