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Re: Woman's Knife vs. Multiple Attack

Hi Chris,

Palm up, palm down. Tight grip, finger grip...

There are many reasons for the changes in structure. She is trained to use the reverse grip. She could have used said grip to pierce downward, to hook, to guide and manipulate and to further hide the knife.

However, the forward or palm up grip allows her greater finger dexterity. With the backhand grip there is a tendency to hold the weapon to hard, with tenseness. In the same way one compares the fist strike to a palm or shuto open handed strike. The open hand is fluid.

As such, with the forward grip she can use her thumb to push, and palm to role the knife and her index finger to guide and direct the weapon.

What is more important, is the left hand that measures, guides, directs and manipulates to create opening for the right handed knife. Thank you for you questions.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
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