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Originally posted by Abasan
I've noticed a lot of singaporean yudanshas wear a kinda 'foamy/spongy' knee supports. Everyone of them swears by it that it will help prevent injuries to the knee allowing you to train peacefully into old age. (1)

I'm 26, i've got a lot of years to go. (2) I don't want to end up tearing my knees apart in one session and having to limp the next 40-60 years or so....

The next question is, are they restrictive to performing techniques.(3)
(1)Not having been prescient enough to do it myself, I wonder in lamenting hindsight if wearing them wouldn't be an excellent preventative. I didn't even consider them when I was a kid; now I can't avoid them. (2)I'd encourage you to wear them.

(3) At the Aiki Expo, we spent a lot of time in seiza listening to folk introduce their arts. This was, as you say, restrictive and ground the skin on the back of my knee into hamburger. During techniques, however, I have no problems at all.

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