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Re: Woman's Knife vs. Multiple Attack


Wow...good eye and quite perceptive.

It is not the amount of years vs. her years training...though I have been in practice since I was 7 years old. This is my 45th year learning martial arts,.

It is, the difference in form vs. formlessness. Most students, adhere to the need for form and structure. The problem is that the form and structure may not be correct for the utility of the technique.

Having the ability to change structure "like water" allows one to take whatever form the water takes as it blends to its opponent. Likewise, water can flow from calm, to brook, to running hard. As such, my variable in movement is subject to more gears than hers. She can go fast, medium and slow, but, is limited to three gears. My gears work along a spectrum.

If my opponent goes very fast I can choose to go very fast. But, instead, I slow down and then go fast, to blend to and then disrupt his rhythm.

Mushashi in his book of five rings discusses this concept of water far better than I do. Thank you for the conversation,.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola

As such, my body is more like water than my student's body.
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